Saturday, 23 March 2013

Two weeks and counting...

Since completing the 18 mile canal run I have had a minor twinge on the right knee and a bad head cold.  I have continued with a maintenance training regime, but now need to accept I am not going to enhance my fitness, I now just need to get to the start line injury free, carbed up and psyched for the 28th MDS.

Today I have been doing a check on my kit and took a trip to tesco to finish off some of my food shopping.  Yesterday I also took delivery of my freeze dried food from Expedition foods and headlamp / sand goggles from ultra runner!

With less than 2 weeks to go I am so excited to get to the start line...bring it on!

Friday, 8 March 2013

The four week countdown has started

Four weeks today I will be in Morocco getting used to the temperature and doing the final bits of preparation in advance of setting off on the first of six marathons.

Over the recent weeks in addition to ramping up my of training I have been ordering final bits of kit and testing out the food I am going to take with me on my adventure.  Still not finalised what dried food I am taking, but hope to get this sorted next week.

Training since my last update has consisted of a 16 mile run on Saturday  from the Warwickshire Health Club out to Shrewley, along the canal, and back with a lap of the golf course to finish with.  I am continuing to increase the weight of the pack I am carrying on these runs to ensure my body has adapted to the weight.  On Sunday I did 2 back to back spin classes with cycling in between, again just as a way of adding endurance to the legs.

Monday was a rest day and this week has involved 8 mile run on Tuesday plus 30 min row and 30 mins on the recumbent cycle, 8 mile run on Wednesday with another hour in the gym on a x-trainer and then yesterday (Thursday) saw me complete 2 hours in the gym made up of 1.5hrs split between cycle, x-trainer and walking on a 10-15% incline at 4mph following by some weights.

The body has felt really good throughout these sessions.

Today I ran 9 miles then finished off with 35 mins on the turbo trainer and I will continue to work the legs tonight at a football training session with the u8 Leamington Hibs Shamrocks!

Tomorrow is an 18 mile run, and rather than doing an out and back I plan of just running back from the football match we have in Southam, taking in the canal and a few parks on route...

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mid way through ramp up week!

As I am changing roles with work I am spending time between multiple locations (more than normal) so a bit more variety in training this week...well variety in location anyway.

Monday was a usual rest week and as I was in London on Tuesday I went for a 6 mile run in the morning followed by an hour in the gym a the Hilton Docklands.  Yesterday (Wednesday) I needed to do a do a split session so I went for a run in the morning then the completed an hour in the gym at the Gatwick Hilton in the evening, having spent the day in Birmingham before heading down to Gatwick.  I was meant to complete an 8 mile run in the morning, but felt a bit under the weather so eased back to 6 miles.

This morning I was up early and completed a couple of hours in the hotel gym (1.5 hrs CV followed by 30 mins weights).  As I sit here back home I am enjoying a glass of wine, but tomorrow morning will be up early for and 8 mile run followed by an hour on the turbo trainer!

One thing to mention is that yesterday while travelling down to Gatwick I sat on the train and a complete stranger saw my MDS band on my wrist and cracked up a conversation as his business partner previously completed the MDS and on his first attempt came 44th.  Anyway, this chap...Andy Parker, a Vet from Truro (a complete stranger only 20mins before) pulled out his wallet and gave me £20 sponsorship.  This really touched me and reignited my faith in human kindness.  Thank you!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Rest week 4 week build up starts here!

This week has been a gentler, so called rest week to allow the body to recuperate in advance of the final 4 weeks worth of training build up, before two weeks tapering off prior to the off on the 5th May.

I increased the running to 4 days this week, although did reduce the ovarall mileage to allow the body to adapt.  Tuesday was a short 6 mile run and 30 mins on the cycle afterwards, Wednesday was a 6 mile run again, 30 mins on the x-trainer and finished off with 30 mins on the recumbent cycle.  Thursday was a pure gym day with 60mins on the x-trainer, 20 mins on the versa climber and 25 mins on the recumbent cycle and a good weights session.

Friday was another 6 mile run followed by 30 mins on the turbo trainer, then Saturday saw me do a little 8 mile park run (and a trip to go-ape) which was great fun, although not too taxing.  On Saturday the u8s football team I coach (Leamington Hibs Shamrocks) drew 1-1 which was the toughest match we have had in a great result for the lads.

Today I finished the week with a back to back spin session at the Warwickshire.  So overall a good week, reduced training volume to allow the body to rest and recover.  Tomorrow is a complete rest day then I look to ramp up the mileage and training volume for the final 4 week push!

This week I also got some Tuf-Foot to start conditioning the feet so that they toughen up and hopefully prevent blisters during the race!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Less than 7 weeks to go...

Yes, less than 7 weeks to go until the off!

Training continues to progress well...this week saw a similar training routine with 8 miles on Tuesday followed by an hour in the gym and Wednesday was an hour and a half in the gym (30min x-trainer, 30min versa climber and 30min on the bike).  Thursday was back to running and I did a nice 10.5mile cross country run with mud, canal path a cow filled fields followed by 30mins in the gym.  Friday was back into the gym for an hour and a half, then for the longer run on Saturday complete with back pack - 16 miles in about 2 hrs 25 mins.  I ended the week yesterday with back to back spin sessions.

Overall the body has felt good all week, although the increased miles are definitely causing the body to adapt.

This week is classed as a rest week with less miles, although I am increasing my running to 4 weekly miles will reduce to 26 before ramping up for the final 4 week ramp up!

I have been buying more kit this week and have ordered so freeze dried food to try it out...wish me luck!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

The miles are ramping up...

With just over 7 weeks, 6 days and 13 hours to go before the race the excitement is building, as is the  training!

I have not posted for a couple of weeks but the training has been progressing very well...

This week I have been travelling again, so have trained in a few different locations.  Monday was a rest day, then on Tuesday I went for an 8 mile run from the office in Canary Wharf  round the Isle of Dogs, then finished off the workout with a half hour session in the gym.

Wednesday involved an hour and a half in the gym.  This included 30mins on the versa climber which reminded me of a challenge I completed in1998 when I climbed the height of Mt Everest on the Versa Climber in just under 3 hrs 45 mins.  That was a tough challenge!

As I was not going to fit a session in on Friday this week I did 2 back to back sessions bright and early on Thursday with an 11 mile run from the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow down and round Glasgow Green 5 times, followed by an hour and 30mins on the cycle in the gym watching Rambo!  This felt like a really good session and is giving the body the chance to get used to longer training sessions!

On Saturday I upped my running distance to 14 miles with a pack on the back.  I started at the Warwickshire Golf and Country Clb and ran a 10.5 mile road circuit and then completed a lap of the golf course through significant amounts of mud and water...good training for the legs getting used to uneven and soft terrain like the sand!

Today was a couple of hours on the Spin bike with two back to back classes and some!

Overall a very good week and the volume continues to increase next week.

Earlier this week I recieved my race number...779!

As sponsorship is going well and I am not at approx £8,150!  Not far to go to hit my target of £9,500!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Rest week...well kind of!

On Sunday the kids activities at the Warwickshire were cancelled due to the snow so Claudia went to the gym and I jumped on the turbo trainer at home for a 1.5 hr cycle...very steady session.

Monday was a rest day, then Tuesday was back to running.  This week is designed as a rest week to allow the body a bit of recovery so the run was a mere 6miles around the docklands...a bit cold and a bit boring but a few miles around the streets.

On Wednesday I went to the gym at our office in Canary Wharf and did a little stepper session then went in to do a 45 min spin class.  The great thing about a spin class is the variety, which adds a bit of a change to the general long, slow paced training required for MDS.

Yesterday I was up early in Leamington and went for a run round Newbold, then through town and back home.  The run felt pretty tough, not sure if this was due to a lack of sleep or just because the body needed a bit of rest.

Today I popped onto the turbo trainer for a short 1.5hr session.  The first 30 mins was a steady session followed by 5 min high resistance (kind of like a hill climbing session) with a 5 min in between for a stead bit of restful cycling.  1 hour of this gave the legs a good bit of challenge with a little rest in between.

Tomorrow is back t the running and he to do a nice cross country session across to and round the Warwickshire...